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Unlock the Ultimate Dota 2 Streaming Experience with Dotabod! Boost your stream's engagement, showcase real-time stats, and delight your audience with our all-in-one streaming toolkit. Elevate your game and become the streamer you were meant to be!

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Dotabod was built for streamers like you who play by their own rules and aren’t going to let anything get in the way of their dreams. If other streaming tools are afraid to build it, Dotabod has it.

Give gamba
Create and close bets automatically for every match.
bets screen
peepogamba emote

Twitch predictions creator

Let your chatters bet with their native Twitch channel points whether you win or lose the game. After the match ends, the bets will close and points go to the winners!

Dotabod has things to say
So many chatter options to choose from, why not just enable them all?
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Active chatting

Help keep your stream lively and engaging for your viewers, while also providing useful information about the current game. Dotabod can see your current game conditions so the messages will always be relevant, not random!

Custom covers
Semi-transparent blocker that auto places itself over your minimap. Works with extra large minimaps, and also simple minimaps backgrounds.
minimap blockerMinimap blocker
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Minimap and hero picks blocker

Stream snipers ruining your games? Tired of getting your picks banned? Your wards will be protected by our minimap blocker, and our picks blocker will make it impossible to see what hero you picked. Hides and shows when it needs to, automatically!

But wait, there's more.

Under active development and speaking to multiple Dota 2 personalities, features are being added as they are requested.

twitch mod icondotabod:
Ranked 0 W - 9 L | -270 MMR

Win loss overlay and command

Tell everyone watching what your current Win Loss record is. Automatically displays ranked or unranked, or both at the same time!
twitch mod icondotabod:
2720 | Archon☆3 | Next rank at 2772 in 2 wins
rank badge
3860 MMR
rank badge
#113150 MMR

MMR badge and tracking

Show off your current rank, or leaderboard standing on stream.
twitch mod icondotabod:
Lifetime games: Viper: 408 · Doom: 657 · Hoodwink: 2,243 · Lina: 2,735 · Sniper: 2,850 · Drow Ranger: 3,136 · Clinkz: 3,384 · Tusk: 4,202 · Pugna: 4,466 · Dazzle: 6,626

Smurf detection

Dotabod will tell you the lifetime games played of any player in your match.
twitch mod icondotabod:
ShushPudge is smoked!
twitch mod icondotabod:
Pudge died with passive faerie fireICANT
twitch mod icondotabod:
pauseChampWho paused the game?
twitch mod icondotabod:
We toggled treads 6 time to save a total 284 mana this match.

Dotabod has things to say

But only when the game conditions meet the correct parameters.
twitch mod icondotabod:
Roshan killed! Next roshan between 30:27 and 33:27 · Rosh deaths: 1 · Next drop: agh's shard. · Invoker picked up the aegis!
twitch mod icondotabod:
Pudge picked up the aegis!

Aegis and rosh timer

Tired of copy pasting three clock times? Dotabod knows when rosh is killed or when the aegis is picked up. A timer will display for your viewers to see!
twitch mod icondotabod:
Legion Commander: #856 · Dark Willow: #402 · Crystal Maiden: #321 · Weaver: #553 · Storm Spirit: #794 · Doom: #536 · Rubick: #524 · Dawnbreaker: #946 · Venomancer: #631 · Lifestealer: #294

Game medals

Return the rankings for each players in the game.

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us on discord.

    • Why the name Dotabod?

      Because we all have a little dota bod in us peepofat. But also because dotabot was taken.
    • How do I explain to my wife the money I withdraw from our joint bank account to use Dotabod?

      This feels like one-hundred percent a you problem. Dotabod is not responsible in any way for your marital grievances. But you could also just tell her Dotabod was free.
    • How do I get started?

      Login with your Twitch account and you can begin using it right away. There will be a setup screen to guide you through the process.
    • Will my viewers like this?

      People make their own choices. Some viewers won't like a minimap blocker. But your viewers will choose to like you more for it.
    • Why is Dotabod based?

      Let’s just say it’s because stream snipers will never find us.
    • Is there any age limit to using Dotabod?

      You can use Dotabod even if you’re 9 years old. Or a dog. But there might be age limits to streaming on Twitch. So ask a parent first.
    • How does it work?

      We use the Dota 2 gamestate integration API, and give you a browser source overlay to use with OBS.
    • Isn’t this against TOS?

      Not at all. In fact, Valve themselves sanction and allow this practice officially. Valve provides Gamestate Integration for Dota 2 so that any thirdparty apps, like Dotabod, can receive live data.
    • Will this make me a better streamer?

      Here’s the thing: yes.